Welcome to the home page for the Oxford Centre for Phoenician and Punic Studies
(OC2PS = Octopus)
The centre, founded in 2012, is intended to provide a focal point for those scholars in the UK with an interest in any aspect of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean. It has its origins in an occasional meeting for post-graduate students working on the Phoenician and Punic world instituted by Peter van Dommelen (formerly of Glasgow University, now at Brown), Jo Quinn and Jonathan Prag (Faculty of Classics, Oxford). That group met on several occasions in Oxford and Glasgow, and we have since transformed that occasional meeting into something more regular, with an annual post-graduate meeting (in Oxford, Durham and Bristol), an annual public lecture or event in Oxford, an associated mailing list for those with Phoenicio-Punic interests, and this website which aims to act as a virtual meeting point for those in the UK interested in Phoenicio-Punic studies.
The centre is directed by Jo Quinn and Jonathan Prag, either of whom may be contacted directly if you have any queries.

We are pleased to announce that the UK Punic Network Graduate Workshop in 2017 will return to Oxford.

The Workshop will take place on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 (10am-7pm)
at the Classics Centre at 66 St Giles’, Oxford
and will end with a keynote lecture by

Carolina López-Ruiz (Ohio State)

The Phoenicians and the “orientalizing Mediterranean”: A view from Tartessos

Further information can be found on the annual meeting page


The first meeting hosted by the new Centre for those interested in the Phoenicio-Punic world took place in Merton College, Oxford on 24 April 2013.

The second meeting took place in the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford, on 21 March 2014, and was followed the same day by a short workshop to mark the publication of a new collection of essays on The Tophet in the Phoenician Mediterranean.

The third meeting took place in Durham University on Wednesday March 18th 2015, with a key-note paper by Prof. Helene Sader (Beiruit).

The fourth meeting took place in Bristol University, on Monday 21 March 2016.

Additionally, Octopus co-organised the summer 2015 ancient history seminar series at the Institute of Classical Studies, in Senate House, London, entitled "Neighbours: the ancient world beyond Greece and Rome". The full programme is available on a separate page.



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