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The Oxford Centre for
Phoenician and Punic Studies


UK Punic Network Graduate Workshop VIII
University of Oxford
11 am- 7 pm, 29 March 2017

Provisional programme

Lecture theatre, Faculty of Classics,
Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies,
66 St. Giles, Oxford

11.00-11.30: Registration & coffee

11.30-13.00 (first session)

Marcello Lusvarghi (Bologna)
About the function of the Punic tradition in the Augustinian texts: language, identity, necessity.

Meir Edrey (Tel Aviv)
The Origins of the Western Tophets in Light of Recent Discoveries

13.00-13.40: Lunch

13.40-15.00 (second session)

Evgenia Tachatou (Durham/Mainz)
Content Analysis via Gas-Chromatography on Phoenician carinated shoulder amphorae from the late 7th – early 6th century BC excavated at Tell el-Burak/Lebanon

Pascual Perdiguero (Alicante)
Coastal productive networks in the western Mediterranean

Francisco Machuca Prieto (Malaga)
A Phoenician way to be roman

15.00-15.20: Tea

15.20-16.40 (third session)

Andrzej Dudzinski
The Carthaginian garrisons in Sicily – a historical approach

Thea Sommerschield(Oxford)
Interactions in the religious mentalities and ritual practices of western Sicily, C6-C4 BC

16.40-17.00: break

17.00-18.30: Keynote

Carolina López-Ruiz (The Ohio State University)
The Phoenicians and the “orientalizing Mediterranean”: A view from Tartessos

18.30: Reception

Registration is free, but if you plan to attend, please register to provide an idea of numbers,
by sending an e-mail to punic@classics.ox.ac.uk

Lunch and refreshments will be provided on the day, but we are unable to assist with travel or (if necessary) accommodation expenses. UK-based graduate students are reminded that they can apply to the Wiedemann Fund for assistance with travel expenses. Accommodation should be readily available in Oxford as the event falls in the university Vacation; as a first port of call we recommend http://www.universityrooms.com/en/city/oxford/home.




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